Summer Solitude ~

Wind in hair
Riding in our boat
Following the channel
To a quiet beach

Anchor set
Wading through
Emerald green waters
Warm as a winter’s bath

Beach to ourselves
Walking hand in hand
Creating solitary footprints
In the wet sand

Surf lapping at the edge
Shells rolling back and forth
Glimmering in the sunlight
Teasing us into a game of
“Catch me if you can”

Bending and scooping
Retrieving gifts from the sea

While overhead
Puffy clouds adorn the blue skies
Terns gracefully, silently soar


Summer Solitude~


About travelerlynne

Traveler. Writer. Retired Educator.Traveling on and off the beaten path with my photographer husband. Volunteering locally as well as in Haiti and Tanzania, an enriching and humbling experience. A sun lover! Shelling, boating, fishing and watching sunsets. Growing mango, banana, key lime,and pineapple.Making smoothies and chutneys. Enjoying family and friends! Savoring each new day!
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19 Responses to Summer Solitude ~

  1. jensine says:

    lovely words and I so want to be where those photos were taken

  2. Julie Talmage says:

    Lovely !!!!!!! I am jealous. I want to go there!!! Love, Julie

  3. boomiebol says:

    Lovely words, amazing pictures. I want to go :).

  4. Thank you for your comments. What is so great about this place is that you can only get to it by boat. So, let’s go! I love your poetry…invokes insight and emotion.

  5. Gigi Galore says:

    Beautiful poetry to go with beautiful photos! 🙂 All the photos compliment each other but that second one … wow!!!! 🙂

  6. Thank you Gigi, I love this spot. The shells may be another blog.

  7. Ahhh, your words and photos just made me happy!

  8. Ahhh, thank you. We all need a dose of happy!!! This is a favorite spot for my family. Makes us all happy.

  9. That was beautiful!! You got the essence completely!! 🙂

  10. Madhu says:

    What an amazing place! Your words enhance the feel of the photos! Thank you Lynne.

  11. Thank you Madhu. I love summer and I love this special beach. We were there yesterday but we didn’t have it to ourselves; however, the shelling was lucrative.

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