Havana Daydreaming…

We just came back from Havana after experiencing a culture rich in the arts, music and dance. Creative energy is felt throughout the city. It vibrates from within and has a pulse of its own. Much to reflect on. Where to begin?

Ron and I will get some posts up as soon as we can, something we look forward to. In the meantime, we are behind in responding to yours. I know you understand. We’ve all been there.

Hope everyone has a good week. Safe travels to wherever life is leading you.

Traveler Lynne

About travelerlynne

Traveler. Writer. Retired Educator.Traveling on and off the beaten path with my photographer husband. Volunteering locally as well as in Haiti and Tanzania, an enriching and humbling experience. A sun lover! Shelling, boating, fishing and watching sunsets. Growing mango, banana, key lime,and pineapple.Making smoothies and chutneys. Enjoying family and friends! Savoring each new day!
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25 Responses to Havana Daydreaming…

  1. Paula says:

    Welcome home, Lynne and Ron. Can’t wait to Read , Hear and See more of Cuba!

  2. Believe me. We can’t wait to share it. Incredible.

  3. silvana1989 says:

    Oh wow!!! Cuba I´m crazy about Cuba if I’m lucky I probably go this year, Cuba have so many cultural treasures, music, dance, folklore. All the political situations that Cuba represents in the world I´m looking forward to see next post!!

    • I am thankful I had the opportunity to visit Cuba. There is much to see. I came back with a rich cultural experience, but I have more questions than answers. Much to learn.

  4. Wow, I can’t wait to hear about Havana, and see pictures! Are you American, Lynne? Are Americans now allowed to go to Cuba without hassle?

    • Yes, I’m American and US citizens can go to Cuba through the people to people program. These are licensed tours that operate with group Visas through our Department of Treasury. Google tour groups.We had no problems. These are educational,cultural tours.

  5. terrytrekker says:

    I envy you! Being an American, I am prevented from going to Cuba, but I would love to!

  6. Thanks for your comment, but read my reply to Catbird and you will see that Americans can go to Cuba.

  7. Dianne says:

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story……and lots of photos!

  8. Hi Lynne – new to your blog, and just in time, it appears, for some great posts. We’ll have to live through your experiences in Cuba. Look forward to it!

  9. vb holmes says:

    Welcome home, Lynne and Ron. Like the others, I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  10. silvana1989 says:

    Sorry to hear about the restrictions!! I´m sure it was a good trip anyway. I also know Americans can go to Cuba 4 or 5 years ago, I heard that before was worse. As an Ecuadorian I hope for better luck.

  11. Madhu says:

    Aah Cuba is very very high on our list Lynne. Wish it were closer. Look forward to your posts. And take your time 🙂

  12. Welcome home – look forward to hearing all about it and, yes – we’ve all been there! You don’t even need to say it 🙂

  13. Sandy & Ron Nelson says:

    We are anxious to see your photo’s. Your Ron’s photo’s made us want to go to the Tropicania
    and Dance the Rumba……..Cuba is certainly not what I expected……So happy you and Your Ron made the trip. Glad you are back home. We missed you both.
    Sandy, My Ron & Conal

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