A Bump on the Head to Get My Attention

I have been so focused on home improvement projects, de-cluttering every room, closet and drawer in the house, holding a huge garage sale, and painting for the past six weeks that I haven’t blogged and have done a poor job of visiting blogs. My mind has to be quiet and settled before I can do that. And it seems that when I finish one mess, I turn around and create another. All of this, of course, has involved Ron and somehow we have managed to stay married. Neighbors have wondered when we are going to catch our breath and have even asked if we are getting ready to put the house on the market. The answer is no. Just time to “get rid of”.

As I rinsed out the paint from my brushes this past week, I stood up fast and hit my head on the bottom of a hanging clay pot and this is what I saw. The most incredible orchid, blooming. Well, this got my attention.

Lynne-s Garden Orchid

As I rubbed my sore spot, I studied the plant and realized others were blooming and that it was time to get my camera and really tour the yard to look at my lovelies. I thought I would share them with you.

Lynne-s Garden

Lynne-s Garden-6 Lynne-s Garden-4 Lynne-s Garden-3 Lynne-s Garden-7

Not only were the orchids blooming, but this bougainvillea seldom stops.

Lynne-s Garden

The spike from the sun bromeliad is so top heavy, it leans to the ground.

Lynne-s Garden

Next to it is a dwarf Christmas Palm with its cluster of nuts in brilliant red, perfect this time of year.

Lynne-s Garden

In front of it is a shrimp plant which gets larger and prettier every season.

Lynne-s Garden

A cluster of pineapple plants circles the mango tree and this one will be ready one of these days. They may be small, but they are delicious.

Lynne-s Garden Pineapple

The key lime and the star fruit are beginning to produce.

Lynne-s Garden Lynne-s Garden

This lovely orchid has enjoyed this spot in the living room the past two weeks and has bloomed yearly for the past decade.

Lynne-s Garden

And to think. It took a bump on the head to realize that I’m surrounded by beauty.

Shame on me!

About travelerlynne

Traveler. Writer. Retired Educator.Traveling on and off the beaten path with my photographer husband. Volunteering locally as well as in Haiti and Tanzania, an enriching and humbling experience. A sun lover! Shelling, boating, fishing and watching sunsets. Growing mango, banana, key lime,and pineapple.Making smoothies and chutneys. Enjoying family and friends! Savoring each new day!
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26 Responses to A Bump on the Head to Get My Attention

  1. Wow, Lynne, your garden is beautiful. Especially from this side of the world where it is cold and gray right now. No wonder the flowers got your attention! I’m so envious. And good for you, getting rid of clutter. We need to do that too, big time. Happy holidays to you! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Cathy for dropping by. I feel for my northern friends and bloggers who are getting pounded by bad weather. Happy holidays to you, too. Stay warm! 🙂

  3. Lynne, your garden is magnificent! How beautiful. Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the flowers. Thanks for reminding me to do just that!

  4. Letizia says:

    I’m not familiar with the shrimp plant, funny but apt name. Not having any plants in bloom in these cold snowy months, I just bought a lovely orchid to liven up my living room a bit, but your garden is so gorgeous!

    I hope your head feels better 🙂

  5. Plants and flowers can liven up a place when it is grey and snowy outside. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your orchid. The head is fine. 🙂 Knocked some sense into me. 🙂

  6. Your beautiful tropical garden’s making me a homesick, Lynne! They say orchids thrive on neglect, don’t they – so I guess your inattention these last few months has proven just how resilient these gorgeous plants are. Happy Christmas to you, Ron and your family and best wishes for 2014. 🙂

  7. I know you can relate to this tropical array of flowers. You are right about orchids. They can almost thrive on neglect, although, admittedly, they are under a mister that comes on twice a day. We wouldn’t be able to travel without everything on timers. Merry Christmas to you too, Meredith.Let’s hope that 2014 is a healthy and satisfying year for all of us. 🙂

  8. Wonderful pictures, and gorgeous flowers, Lynne.. thank you – happy Christmas to you

  9. Thank you, Valarie, and midsummer Christmas to you and yours.

  10. What magnificent orchids, Lynne! My aunt in California often brought lovely orchids instead of our expected poinsettias, and it was such a treat.
    What you really inspired in me with this post was the sorting, cleaning out, ridding the unnecessary and no longer used things in your closets and drawers. I’m still smiling that your neighbors wondered if you were moving! Merry Christmas to you and yours this joyous season.

  11. I”m glad this put a smile on your face. I believe our neighbors are at ease now. I believe I could write a blog just about d-cluttering. The orchids have been showy and I have finally noticed them and am enjoying the remaining blooms. I have added a few poinsettias here and there. I planted last years poinsettias and they are looking lovely, too. Thanks for your comment, Marylin.

  12. restlessjo says:

    Fresh pineapple at your fingertips, Lynne- how fantastic! Small but perfectly formed they say 🙂 Those nuts on your Christmas palm are lovely too. I don’t think I’ve seen that colouration before. Now the paintbrush has been set down you can sit back and admire the wonderful setting you have for Christmas. Have a good one! Will you and Ron have company? My very best wishes for 2014. 🙂

  13. Yes, the paint brush is finally laid down and I can rest from those projects. Family will be coming on the 30th from North Carolina and we will have a late Christmas, which is fine with me. Gives me a chance to shift gears. My best wishes to you and yours for a healthy and active 2014. 🙂

  14. How satisfying, to de-clutter! And how brilliantly fertile your garden is! Orchids, in my limited experience, are not easy to care for. So this is a credit to you, and a feast for the eyes… Thank you 🙂 May you have a tranquil Christmas and year ahead.

  15. I really have to give Ron the credit for the orchids. Our tropical climate is ideal and get them through our neglectful periods. am glad you enjoyed the garden tour and feast for the eyes.

  16. Tahira says:

    Lynne, I get those kind of bumps all the time! Literally & figuratively! 😉 And wow wow WOW what an incredibly beautiful garden and some lovely LOVELY orchids. Thank you for sharing the beauty. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

  17. It’s nice to know someone else gets bumps on the head, a kindred spirit. Happy New Year to you too, Tahira and all the best for a healthy and adventuresome and stress-less 2014. 🙂 Our family gets in tonight so our Christmas begins now…with family. Am glad you enjoyed the garden.

  18. You are surrounded by such overwhelming beauty, Lynne. I would need to pinch myself to believe it was for real. That would add another bruise besides the one my head from the bump. 😀 Thanks for showing us your wonderful blooms. Happy New Year to you. xx 🙂

  19. Hi Sylvia and Happy New Year to you and yours. You have a beautiful pond that attracts wading birds, which is lovely to look at. Thanks for getting bumped on the head along with me. 🙂

  20. Lynne, what stunning nature surrounds you – a feast for the eyes, and for the stomach. 🙂 Here in Croatia, we’ve been enjoying getting fresh oranges from one of the nearby islands. Having grown up in spots with cold winters, it’s such a treat to enjoy a Mediterranean winter!

    • Nothing like the tropics or at least warmer weather than what everyone else is getting right now. Enjoy those oranges. Nothing like fresh fruit and citrus this time of year. 🙂

  21. Madhu says:

    Love your orchids Lynne. the one in your living room especially. A very happy New Year to you and Ron 🙂

  22. Happy New Year to you both, Madhu. We just brought another orchid into the living room a couple of days ago and are enjoying watching it unfold its bloom. Our temperatures are cold for Florida right now and everything is drooping. Glad I got outside and got pictures. Nothing showy now.

  23. Gigi Galore says:

    Wow! It’s so beautiful! Poor you, bump on the head but lucky for us to see this! What a gorgeous house and garden! 🙂

  24. Being winter, the lush greenness is diminished, but at least the maintenance has slowed down with no rain. Gives us a little respite. No more bumps for awhile. 🙂

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